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Published on: Remote Workforces

How are Rewards and Recognition Important for Remote Workforces?

Remote working is the most evident reality for businesses in the post-pandemic world. Rewards and Recognition Important for Remote Workforces

Over 60% of employees across the USA work remotely, and the number has grown by 44% over the last five years. 

When a business hires its employees remotely, they get the chance to work with the best crop of the workforce. One of the main reasons for that is the lack of geographical limitations in hiring remote employees. 

However, hiring the best is only one-half of the complete picture. If businesses want more productivity, they must focus on recognizing and rewarding employees’ efforts. 

Why are Rewards and Recognition Important for Remote Workforces? 🏆

Importance of Rewards & Recognition for a Remote Workforce

It is only human to want to be appreciated for the work we put into our professional lives. Also, most remote workforces have had to adapt to the situation because of the pandemic. The isolation that came with the crisis affected many professionals who then had to work from home. 

Remote workers might also feel a lack of attention because of the new work setting. This feeling of invisibility might make them feel undervalued, which can be reversed when they are recognized and appreciated for their work. 

Finally, every forward-looking company must have an online reward and recognition program today. Employees should not have to always work in person to feel appreciated and recognized. It is an essential part of peer-to-peer engagement in any organization. 

When you frequently appreciate the workforce, it is easier for the company to build a solid base of happy loyalists willing to pull the extra mile for the cause. 

Now that we have figured out the why, let’s take a look at a few of the ways in which you recognize remote employees. 

1. Make way for informal communication 📢

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What makes for lasting bonds at the workplace? 

The informal conversations about the weekend or that hilarious story that happened at camp help employees know each other personally. However, remote employees miss out on these conversations because they do not see each other across hallways. 

Make a weekly slot for informal communication to ensure that the essence of camaraderie is not lost on your employees. This session could be a Slack chat or an hour-long video call about nothing. 

But it will help your employees build a bond. 

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2. Recognize publicly 👏

Social media recognition is one of the most potent ways to appreciate your remote workforce. Millennials and Gen Z have essentially grown up in the digital age, and it is an existing reality of their lives. 

When they are appreciated on their platforms, they build self-worth and foster a connection with the organization. 

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3. Start workspace allowance 🖥️

There are considerable expenses in a regular office. From electronic fixes to utility bills, companies have to spend a lot of money to run an office. For remote employees, however, these benefits often go missing. 

And it is not like they do not have the same problems. Starting a workspace at home can be difficult for many, especially if they have a space crunch at home. With workspace allowance for remote workers, you allow them to overcome these hurdles and feel cared for by the company. 

4. Start a wellness program 🧘

Employee rewards and recognition

Circumstances induced the experiments with remote working, and there might be several pros and cons to it that we do not know. On the other hand, it is common knowledge that remote workforces often struggle with their mental health in the long run. 

To ensure that your employees do not face something similar, starting an office wellness program may be an excellent way to recognize employee burnout. You can have an in-house counselor or give subscriptions to meditation and wellness apps. 

This way, they will feel more valued and put their faith in a company that cares about their holistic health. 

5. Recognize consistently 💐

Once you start a rewards and recognition program, make an effort to recognize your employees consistently. Many companies create a program and then do not put enough action to keep it going. 

Such forgotten initiatives make employees feel that companies are not serious about them and only want to hop on new workplace trends. 

Also, managers must treat their in-house and remote workforce equally, doling out praises based on merit and not location. Consistency is the key to employee recognition! 

6. Encourage employee development

Employee rewards and recognition

Constant professional upskilling is very important in today’s dynamic workforce. The best way to do things is to change fast, and if you want your organization to stay up to date, you have to provide them with the right opportunities. 

Offering online professional courses to grow their personal and professional spectrum is a great way to show that you recognize their efforts in the company. Encouraging employee development is particularly effective with remote employees since they have more time on their hands. 

Also, when given to employees, such opportunities will only benefit the organization in the long run. 

Remote workforces might be the future across organizations, transgressing geographic borders. Rewards and Recognition are Important for Remote Workforces and ensuring that your company is doing the right things to retain its top talent that will become an integral part of the future.

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