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About Us

With gamification and incentive layer we are able to drive employee engagement, retention, boost motivation, and brand neutrality. We do this by integrating our rewards and recognition solutions into existing business processes.

More about us

Ovation is more than a Traditional Reward and Recognition Program

At Ovation, we deeply understand the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and engagement drivers of people. We bring simplicity and continuity to a complex everyday problem. We build infrastructure to send rewards, perks, incentives, and payouts to employees, customers, and partners.


Our focus is building products that are reliable and provide value to all stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, and society at large. We believe that people come first in everything we do.

Innovative Solutions to Problems

Ovation is an innovative product designed to address traditional problems in the most traditional function – Employee Engagements – by constantly incorporating innovation.

Empowering People

We are driven to empower people – both internal and external. We believe empowerment leads to excellence. We aim to create maximum value for our users, our team and our customers.


The #1 factor that impacts engagement is inclusion. Through our intuitive rewards system, we power your company culture by providing a humanistic approach to technology that helps you effortlessly create a culture of inclusion.

Engage, Recognize and Reward your Employees!

Make Gratitude Part of Your Organization Culture and Boost Employee Performance.

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