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Workplace happiness.
Made easy.

Motivate your employees, boost employee engagement, and enhance revenue performance through team recognition, incentives, and rewards.


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Empower and Incentivize Your People

Create a culture of inclusion by strategically implementing intuitive rewards systems that power your company culture.

Tangible & Cash Rewards

Give employees the flexibility to choose gifts of their choice from a range of products listed on Ovation.

Appreciation & Shout-outs

Get the competitive streak going. Celebrate the winners, flaunt achievements, and display milestones with our fun and easy-to-use social leaderboard.

Custom Perks & Benefits

Brings employee rewards and recognition to the highest level with personalized perks & benefits.

Increase Employee Engagement within your Organization

Reward and recognize your employees in a connected and meaningful way. Celebrate employee accomplishments and increase company morale

Better Recognition = Higher Retention

Spark Happiness

Social Acknowledgement

Build Positive Work Relationships by Aligning Performance and Reward

Spreadsheets are no longer needed to track reward fulfilment

Ready reports are available on the dashboard

Build a Culture of Inclusion

Create an Amazing Workplace Culture
Better engagement leads to higher morale. Better culture leads to increased motivation and stronger productivity.

Automate Rewards and Recognition

Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Integrated Store

FREE employee satisfaction survey

The report will help leaders understand if employees are engaged, if they feel valued and included, if the company’s current recognition program is effective, and more.


Recognize and reward
those that empower your business

Create a healthy work environment with award-winning employee rewards plans and gamification.

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