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40% of American workers say they would put more effort into their jobs if their employer recognized them more often.

Recognize and reward employees by easily and seamlessly offering customized, valuable rewards. Fuel happy and productive employees by creating a culture of engagement and inclusion.

FREE employee satisafaction survey

Ovation offers a free company-wide survey to quickly and easily get a pulse on employees’ perception of management and culture. Once employees complete the survey, management will receive a free report detailing the results. The report will help leaders understand if employees are engaged, if they feel valued and included, if the company’s current recognition program is effective, and more.

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“Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.

– Timothy R. Clark
Global authority on executive development, strategy, and organizational change

employee engagement

Increase Employee Engagement

People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards.

improve employee performance

Encourage High Performance

Rewards and recognition are the strongest drivers of employee engagement across all industries.

Retain top talent

Retain Top Talent In Your Company

Don’t lose top performers to the competition. Reward them by recognizing their hard work.

change company culture

Augment Company Culture

Ovation supports a workplace culture of recognition, gratitude, diversity and inclusion.

Rewards to Augment Recognition


Give Shout-Outs


Tokens of appreciation


Small Cash Reward


Small Benefit

employee recognition
employee augmentation

“Rewards & recognition your employees actually want…”

Why invest in employee engagement?


Engaged employees are 17% more PRODUCTIVE


Engaged employees are 21% more PROFITABLE


Only 35% of employees are truly ENGAGED with their work

Why Ovation?

People work for money, but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards. 

Through Ovation, employees can crowd fund their own bonus structure. Our simple, modern, user-friendly design allows HR administrators to schedule welcomes, service awards and birthdays in advance. It’s easy to manage, track, and includes a host of other benefits!

highest level

Rewards and Recognition

Brings employee rewards and recognition to the highest level


Build a Culture of Inclusion

Encourages employee engagement, inclusion, and innovation


Simple To Use & Manage

Uniquely simple to use, customizable and easy to manage


Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Interactive forum that enables peer to- peer recognition


Supports Automation

Automate rewards and recognition to celebrate achievements and milestones


Integrated Store

Extensive database of products for employees to shop

employee rewards

About Ovation


The #1 factor that impacts engagement is inclusion. Through our intuitive rewards system, we power your company culture by providing a humanistic approach to technology that helps you effortlessly create a culture of inclusion.

Ovation is more than a traditional reward and recognition program. 

It is a strategic tool to drive brand awareness, enhance the customer experience, and continuously improve your culture of inclusion, all while fueling innovation and long-term growth! 

Ovation is an employee recognition platform that is uniquely simple to use, personalized, and easy to manage. Attractive rewards and thousands of customized product offerings enable managers and peers to easily and regularly give recognition and rewards.

Managers can acknowledge and celebrate employee achievements, milestones, and best practices in an interactive forum that also enables peer-to-peer recognition for a job well done. Employees can redeem personalized rewards instantly. This becomes a way to crowdfund your own bonus structure. 



See how one company used Ovation to create a more engaged diverse workforce that increased productivity, lengthened employee retention and strengthened commitment to growth and expansion company-wide!


Ovation is user-friendly employee engagement platform offering customizable perks and rewards that support a culture of appreciation and inclusion, fueling innovation and growth.

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Delight your clients and their employees

Ovation is a fun, crowd-pleasing offering that’s sure to delight your clients and their employees. Talking perks and rewards is a welcome addition to typical benefits discussions about health care plans and rate increases.


Improve retention, engagement, and culture

Deliver an innovative solution that helps solve your clients’ most important business challenges like employee turnover, motivation, and developing a more inclusive culture.


Measure the effectiveness of different rewards and recognition initiatives

Track how many rewards credits have been distributed, which employees are the most recognized, and who are the most rewarding managers.


More than just a software application, Ovation provides live, real-time support

Our Customer Success Managers serve as “employee happiness experts” that work with you to achieve your program goals.


Happy Employees = A more successful company

A more engaged workforce delivers increased productivity, longer retention, more innovation, and a larger commitment to growth and expansion company-wide!

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