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Rewarding employees
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Powerful solutions together in one platform to keep your workplace engaged and motivation

Your Very Own Social Platform

The Newsfeed is a social tool to post important announcements, celebrate events, and connect with your employees. Motivate them with timely and frequent real-time social recognition. Reward them instantly with redeemable ovation points.

Peer to peer recognition

We believe every person deserves to experience the good feelings that come from feeling appreciated. That is why ovation is built for 360 recognition. Employees can share recognition for anyone they think deserves it.

Do good. Get rewarded.

Reward employees for their great work in real-time. Join the world’s largest rewards network with millions of products, custom company swag, and more.

Celebrate Important Employee Events

Now it’s easier to celebrate your employees’ work anniversaries and birthdays with ovation. When someone has an event coming up, it will be posted automatically on the Newsfeed. And if you’re a manager, you’ll get a reminder to help make the celebration special. and delight them with a digital rewards catalogue.

Recognize and reward
those that empower your business

Create a healthy work environment with award-winning employee rewards plans and gamification.

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