After weeks of hard work on a big project, you finally finish and close all those tabs taking up your browser. You’re proud of yourself for reaching your goal and putting your all into this task. The next day at the office, your boss congratulates you in front of your team and she hands you a gift to commemorate your success. But the little mug with the company’s logo on it doesn’t feel like it holds the same weight as your recent accomplishment. 

This is why personalization in employee rewards is so important. When team members make great progress, your reward and recognition for their work should match how much you appreciate their efforts and contribution. Thanks and gratification are vital for a happy, well-functioning workplace. Forbes reported that even spending as little as 1% of payroll budget on recognition and thanks can have a positive impact on retention and financial outcomes. 

Ovation offers companies a simple way to ensure employee rewards are personalized and all employees feel valued. With our easy-to-use application, management can send Ovations to team members, which can then be redeemed in our online store for a gift of their choice. 

Choose from thousands of customizable reward options including household items and appliances, personal care items, sporting equipment, electronics, and more. Our large variety of rewards can help employees feel like their work is important, and that their employer sees real value in them. The prizes Ovation offers won’t collect dust on a desk or get dumped in the trash – they will be hand-picked and used by the employees that deserve them. 

Personalized employee rewards and recognition are about more than just the exciting prizes. Proper recognition can lead to higher employee engagement and performance. In fact, 40% of American employees say they would put more effort into their work if their employer recognized them more often. 

Providing your employees with the gifts and praise they deserve is key to fostering a strong community in the workplace and keeping everyone engaged and passionate about their careers. To see if Ovation is the right rewards and recognition platform for your company, request a free demo here: