We can’t ignore it: The world is changing again as the pandemic subsides, which means people’s personal and professional lives are changing as well. Many companies across the country are seeing an emerging trend of employees leaving their current positions, and are struggling with how to retain employees. According to CNBC, 1 in 4 workers are considering quitting their jobs in the coming months.  

There are numerous causes for this shift in the workforce. A year at home has given many the opportunity to reevaluate their work-life balance, set new future goals, and gain different skills. As the unknowns of the pandemic start to fade away, many see now as a good time to find a new career path. 

But these changes don’t have to mean you lose valuable team members. As daily life shifts, so can your company’s dynamic and the roles employees play on your team. Adjusting job descriptions and tailoring tasks to employees’ new strengths and desires requires open communication and a strong, trusting relationship between all team members. One way to achieve this is through employee rewards and recognition. 

Forty percent of American workers say they would put more effort into their jobs if their employer recognized them more often. Additionally, engaged employees are proven to be 17% more productive in their roles. Understanding if your employees feel appreciated and valued is a key step in how to retain employees. An easy way for executives to survey the current company culture is through partnering with a rewards and recognition program.  

Ovation offers a free company-wide survey to quickly and easily get a pulse on employees’ perception of management and culture. If a company partners with Ovation, managers will be able to easily and efficiently acknowledge and celebrate employee achievements, milestones, and best practices in an interactive forum. 

Surveying your employees will help you better understand their engagement level, how inclusive your company is, if your current recognition strategy is effective, and more. Additionally, Ovation is offering those who utilize the free satisfaction survey a free 30-day trial of our rewards and recognition program.