Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I distribute Ovations? 

A: Only administrators can distribute Ovations. Administrators are likely the HR manager, president or CEO of your company. Administrators can use the main page of their Ovation account to distribute the desired number of Ovations. 


Q: How do I send Ovations?

A: Only managers can send Ovations. Managers can use the Ovations in the blue “Send Ovations” box on their main page to send Ovations to their team.


Q: How do I share Ovations?

A: Sharing Ovations happens from peer-to-peer. You can decide to share the Ovations in your orange “Share Ovations” box with a peer to recognize them for helping you, completing a project, or any other cause for celebration.


Q: Why don’t I see a “Share Ovations” button?

A: If you do not see a “Share Ovations” button in the orange box on your main page, this means your administrator has not enabled the peer-to-peer sharing function. You can ask them to turn this on to allow you to recognize and celebrate your peers.


Q: If I share my “Spend Ovations” with a peer, will I have less “Spend Ovations”?

A: Yes. For example, if you have 100 Ovations in your orange “Spend Ovations” box, and you choose to share 20 with a peer, you will then have 80 Ovations left to spend or share.


Q: How do I spend Ovations?

A: You can spend the Ovations in your orange “Spend Ovations” box by clicking the “Spend Ovations” button in that box. This will bring you to the store, where you can browse hundreds of products to redeem, similar to most online retailers. In the store, you can customize your search. You can sort products by number of Ovations, category, size, and more.


Q: Can Ovations be redeemed for cash?

A: Ovations can be redeemed for anything you find in the store. Administrators can choose to put gift cards in the store.


Q: Do Ovations expire?

A: Ovations do not expire. If you are leaving your company, discuss with your employer what will happen with your Ovations if you do not spend them before you leave.