Employee recognition increases employee engagement, encourages quality work, retains top talent, and improves company culture. 40% of working Americans would put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often. However, only 51% of workers are happy with the recognition they receive. One survey reported an average of 50 days since they last felt recognized at work. If companies doubled the number of recognized employees, quality would improve by 24% and absences would decrease by 27%. Given these points, your company needs a rewards and recognition plan for employee engagement. 

That’s where Ovation comes in.

Ovation brings employee engagement to the highest level. The system is easy to use, manage, and can be customized. Birthdays and work anniversaries are automated. The store has with database of exciting products. 

Ovation supercharges any existing rewards and recognition efforts in your company so your team can receive what best fits them and what they will appreciate most. Fostering innovation and inclusion is simple. 

Easy to Use  

Team members can start earning Ovations as soon as they log in. When they are given Ovations, an announcement is published across the company dashboard for all employees to see. These announcements contain who sent the Ovations, who received them, as well as a message from the sender. 

Custom Rewards 

Rewards and recognition go hand-in-hand. The store is an integrated e-commerce store with hundreds of products. Additionally, you can add custom products, such as company swag, a vacation day, lunch with your CEO, casual day, or a donation to a charity of your choice. In the store, products are organized by category, price, and rating, and can be saved in wish lists. We can help you build the store to include the rewards your team truly wants.

All in all, your company needs an effective engagement plan. 

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