Founder and CEO of Leader Factory Timothy R. Clark said, “Highly engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.” Employee engagement affects company culture, productivity, profitability, efficiency, and the overall customer experience. So, if your employees aren’t happy, your customers won’t be either.

According to Gallup, engaged employees are “those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace”. How can you improve employee engagement within your company?

1. Workplace Recognition

Firstly, thanking your staff motivates, provides a sense of accomplishment, and makes them feel valued. Recognition has been found to increase productivity and loyalty to the company, leading to higher retention. It also sends a signal to other employees about how to achieve and find success.

2. Inclusive Environment

Secondly, work to foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment within your organization. A diverse workforce is important to 76% of employees and job seekers. 67% of candidates want to join a diverse team. Therefore, diversity and inclusion are increasingly important. 

3. Personal Rewards

Thirdly, each employee is motivated and feels appreciated in different ways. Rewards should be custom and meaningful to each individual for the maximum impact. Rewards that work well include shout-outs, tokens of appreciation, cash rewards, and other benefits. 

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are proven to be 17% more productive and 21% more profitable. Despite this, only 35% of employees are truly engaged in their work.

Can your company afford to NOT prioritize employee engagement?

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